January is often the time that we start to plan our holidays for the next year and is the perfect time to look for the once in a lifetime trip you’ve always fancied. There’s nothing wrong with a nice beach holiday or a city break trip but why not use your holiday weeks to tick something off your bucket list weeks to tick something off your bucket list?

Going somewhere unusual

One way to enjoy a holiday with a difference is to go somewhere a little unusual. If you are a nature fan, then somewhere like the Galapagos Islands could be the trip of a lifetime. The island is the place where Charles Darwin visited and formed his theories about evolution that we still use today. It is the home to some unusual animals including the giant tortoises. You can even turn your holiday into a VIP experience by staying in one of the luxury resorts on the islands.

Staying nearer to home

A trip of a lifetime doesn’t have to involve a trip to distance parts. Instead you can visit some of the ‘best kept secrets’ Europe has to offer, places that aren’t on the main tourist list but have something special to offer. Examples include Lugano in Switzerland, a Mediterranean style city in the middle of the mountains or the Cinque Terre, the best natural and semi-natural areas along the Mediterranean that are also important spots for viticulture – wine making.

Have a sports holiday

If you are a fan of a certain sport or activity, then your luxury holiday could incorporate this. One example is to climb Mount Kilimanjaro – an activity that can also be done alongside a notable charity to raise money for a good cause while enjoying a memorable experience.

You can also look to spend your holiday at your favourite sporting event whether this is football, horse racing, rugby, cricket or anything else. You can look to make it special and enjoy a bit of luxury by booking a quality hotel or combine the sporting even with sight-seeing in the area.

Do something worthwhile

Depending on your occupation, your dream holiday could even involve doing something worthwhile for others. The Mount Kilimanjaro hike is one example but there are lots of charity challenges available for all abilities. These allow you to test yourself, visit somewhere different and remarkable and also raise money for a worthwhile cause.

Other ways to do something worthwhile with your holiday include working with disadvantaged children around the world. If you can teach, then volunteering your time to teach them for a week or a month can be a great activity and very satisfying.


Defining the holiday of a lifetime is a very personal thing and depends on what you like and what interests you. But whatever it is, there are some great ideas out there to fit in with it and if you start planning early in the year, you can work with your finances to ensure they fit in with the holiday idea and you can afford that dream break.