How to ’Survive’ Christmas


There’s often a joke about surviving Christmas, living through the festive season and coping with the demands it can put on us. But for some people, it can become a real menace, a drain on them mentally and physically that takes most of January to recover from. So, what tips can help you survive Christmas and enjoy the festive season?

Managing the shopping

For most people, Christmas shopping is the biggest task of the holiday season, especially if you have kids. Getting to the shops to do the present-buying is easier than it used to be with extended opening hours but it can still be harassing and when you just finished work, its cold or snowing and you are tired, you just want to go home.

The answer – online shopping! There isn’t much you can’t get online these days and sometimes at better prices than in the shops. Use the internet to either research what you want so trips to the shops are less stressful or even just to do the shopping. Then the postman drops off your parcels and all you need to do is wrap them.

Christmas lunch

Christmas lunch is often the big moment of the festive season and a lot of work goes into it. Whether you are responsible for it, partly or just in charge or purchasing, it is a cause of stress. However, the stress can be reduced with organisation and planning your day – it may not be fun but it works.

Write up a list of jobs to do for the meal and see if you can do any of them the day before, such as prepping the vegetables. Then look at the timing of everything and create a list of jobs to do at what time. That way nothing is forgotten or left too late and you move smoothly from one task to another. Don’t forget to get helpers involved too and give them their assignments!

Have some ‘me’ time

We often end up feeling run down and blue after Christmas because we are so busy, we forget to leave some time for ourselves. Make sure you keep some time for yourself to relax, take it easy or to do something you enjoy that isn’t Christmas related. You could even get involved in a Christmas-themed activity such as joining a carol singing group or even working at a local soup kitchen. That way you are still doing something seasonal with your time but it is a change of pace to the rush of shopping and preparing.

Being physically active seems to be part of Christmas with all the shopping but getting the right kind of physical activity can boost your mood and make you feel better. Those mood-elevating chemicals can make you feel better and are released after physical activity so don’t forget to keep time to visit the gym, go for a walk or whatever kind of activity you enjoy. It can be a good time to meet with friends and catch up too – another activity that makes us feel better.